Star – Pearl – Jewel – Diamond – these are terms for our classy foals and horse stock; in which each horse enthusiast will be able to see something special. Their name represents a particular praise for each single quality of these candidates and it also expresses our esteem towards our partner the breeding horse, sport horse, or the sport pony.

At the same time, just as it is with mankind, the term does not exclude one or two poor characteristics because it should be remembered that we too sometimes have had lessons that we never managed to learn from or even seem to have forgotten. If we are totally honest who is in the same good mood everyday and and and ………..!

Despite this fact we still enjoy these animals as we have described them, animals who are naturally positively influenced by us, human beings, by the decisions we have made during their breeding, later while they are being raised and in their further development.

It is for this reason that our efforts are explicitly aimed at tracking down dressage sport horses with a quality riding aptitude, basic paces, interior and exterior and we therefore only utilize horses from outstanding sport horse breeders and which are  mainly from the breeding areas Hanover, Oldenburg, Westphalian and Holstein.




















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