You can find here an exquisite selection of first-rate jumping horses that derive mainly from the breeding areas Hanover, Oldenburg, Westphalia and Holstein; some of which have already achieved considerable wins, placings or other sporting triumphs.

In addition we present to you a collection of gifted young talents who have as yet not been ridden and who shine due to their technique while jumping or simply because of their overall abilities.

Other youngsters have already received applause and recognition from their first smaller jumps under a rider, and have already made their marks or have warmly recommended themselves for a sporty application in a jumping course. They have fulfilled all the requirements asked of them up to the point they are used in a sporting event, requirements which we use as a basis when we search for sport horses from interesting breeding stables. Naturally we attach a great  importance to such fine details as forehand and hind quarter techniques, the sequence of strides themselves, the manner of jumping as much as bravery and pleasure when carrying out tasks.

Foto: Thilo Haake