Not only professional riders but also innumerable amateurs prefer stallions for sport. We aim to do this fact justice and please everyone by using “real men” from performance orientated pedigrees on the mother’s side or from former sports mares that have already been successful, according to their age, in sport.

Some of the stallions have shown that they are an interesting pedigree because of their ancestors. The result, therefore, is that the buyer has the possibility, within restrictions, of acquiring a horse that might achieve a certification in its later life or could be used for breeding.

Every breeder of sport horse pays, of course, a special attention to the foundations of his breed – and these are his breeding mares!

To achieve the desired improvement in breeding - which is decided 50 to 70% by the quality of the breeding mare - it is required that during one’s selection not only an assessment of the breeding mare herself be made but, especially, also of its pedigree to ensure that the marketing of the foals will not become a fundamental problem.

It is for this reason that we offer you, according to the state of today’s market, a quality collection of breeding mares, with regard to their pedigree, type, the nature of their own performance, the performance of their ancestors/descendants and the range of movements that they offer. A plentiful genetic variety is available for the fulfilment of your individual wishes

In addition to this fact we will provide evidence of breeding in the form of a pregnancy or a veterinary testimonial to confirm, at least, a theoretical fitness for breeding. We wish you good luck and success when making your choice.