Our philosophy for consultations/negotiations

Negotiations with owners/breeders regarding the horse that is to be sold, data, facts, FN-results, an assessments of the animal’s turn out, in training and/or under the saddle, the arena, and/or at the jump as well as an assessment of its behaviour and handling which with a positive evaluation will form the basis for the presentation of the animal both in the internet and locally with the owner/breeder.

With an absolutely honest description and the appropriate pictorial presentation we will create a forum in the internet for the prospective customer, one that reflects their desires and expectations and one which enables a safe pre-selection from our wide-ranging collection, thereby allowing the customer to find the horse that he/she is looking for.

A glimpse into the future, one that is sometimes paired to a great deal of hope, is given to the owner, prospective customer and/or buyer, at the moment of first viewing/assessment or during later negotiations. However wishes and expectations for the future, as everyone will be readily able to understand, can never be guaranteed by anybody.