It is our fundament aim to locate a suitable horse according to your wishes, one which is based upon an honest and trustworthy consultation. It i then up to you to extensively test the horse relating to its age, and thereafter reach your decision.

You want to buy! The sale is provisional. It is now necessary to determine the cost spread and at the same time the test conditions for the veterinary examination, which will include 12 x-ray images, and also to decide before hand with what recorded result the sale is to be completed. With a positive outcome a valid contract will then be made between you and the owner of the horse.

We will with pleasure continue to support you with advice after the sale because subsequently it maybe that a situation arises that our help is required.

We want to ensure that we both will have a pleasant feeling when we look at one another in the eyes because it is true to say that we all will meet each other at least twice in our lives.

Your Horst Hellriegel and your Cosette Brünnel